What are the Best Auto Trading Software?

Posted by Mohammad Conway on June 27, 2016

You are already at your wits end on choosing the best binary trading software that you can do with your trade. It is best that at this moment, you keep yourself down and forget all of your worries. There are actually a couple of key features that you need to think about when you choose the perfect auto trading software which is listed down at Investopedia. But below is one of the best auto trading system ever considered by most experts in binary options trading.


This auto trading software comes with the tagline “101% Automated Trading Software”. As what the extra 1 percent means in their tagline, it is left for the user to find that out. However, as of last month, it seems that the BinaryOptionRobot system was down due to server problems. This does not mean to say that they are no longer operating. It will probably take a while for them to bring back the server up and running again, but for this, you will learn more about what this particular auto trading software has to offer you.

While the experts were out conducting a review about this particular software, they were highly impressed by how easy it is to use the platform and how it has very unique and exceptional offerings to its users. In the past, the automated trading software usually need a trader that gets in the fashion of active trading and at the same time they are connected to the internet. However, this software allow traders to do their trade even when they are not active online or not connected to the internet at all. Users have options in which, if is done properly, it will allow the user to set up their maximum number of trades that they want to get completed daily. It also include the options of how much they were going to risk in the trade, the level of the max daily loss that the trader is comfortable with and the assets that they want to trade. Given that this particular auto trading software got a 5 star rating, no wonder why a lot of binary options traders love to use this software.

It is actually very easy to use the software, too. It may sound like a bit of a complex software due to its name, but that is not the case at all. All you need to get started is inputting the amount of risk that you want into the free account. The setting up of your account is very simple as well, which only requires a few inputs from the trader regarding their personal information. It also includes picking a broker that you want to use. But the most attractive feature that this particular software has its its tutorial – you can view it while you are doing your trade. You also get to access their live customer chat line if you encounter any issues with the software. Experts that tried the software never encountered a problem.